How to Become a Play To Earn Scholar For NFT Games

 The Play-to-earn model is an appealing project in the blockchain industry. Furthermore, gaming guilds will make these NFT games even more accessible to game enthusiasts who want to play games and earn money. 

Meanwhile, most popular NFT games are not free to play. Gamers need to make a substantial initial investment to participate in the game. That is because, in truth, nothing is expected of a game that allows one to earn money in the form of in-game tokens and digital assets. Every business that fetches money needs capital to start. The same principles work for Play to earn NFT games. 

Of course, a few free NFT games are in the market, but they don’t pay as much as the popular ones that require money to start. Moreover, scholars play an increasing role in the Play to earn gaming world. Therefore, one cannot underestimate the potential of NFT gaming guilds.

 What Are NFT Gaming Guilds?

The concept of guilds in the Play to earn game environment is not new. Most popular NFT games allow players to team up in a guild. Doing so will enable gamers to concentrate and progress further into higher levels in the game. Gaming guilds have helped the NFT gaming industry substantially. However, the concept of a guild in a play-to-earn game environment is spectacular. 

 In a play-to-earn environment, gaming guilds allow players to share thei犀利士 r existing in-game tokens with those who can’t afford the pay-before-play aspect of NFT games. Most popular NFT games require an upfront investment which some players can’t afford. Some investments cost up to $100 or more, whereas other crypto games require four to five-digit commitments. An NFT gaming guild will enable more players to enter an NFT game without financial obligation.

Players sharing their in-game assets through a gaming guild will rent them out. The user who receives the in-game purchases will then learn to play NFT games through guidance and share their in-game rewards with the asset’s owner and guild. The players recruited using this method are called scholars who need to understand how NFT games work to earn more in-game items without stress. 

The concept of establishing a guild makes play-to-earn games more accessible. Moreover, it benefits NFT games, potentially paving the way for an excellent economy. More gamers mean more demand for in-game rewards. 

The Best Gaming Guilds

Several entities have come to stay as gaming guilds. Either in a region or as a global phenomenon. Established brands include Yield Guild Games, Merit Circle, Unix Gaming, Avocado DAO, and Good Games, Guild. Most of these guilds develop a solid presence across a dozen NFT games, enabling scholars to get in and ensuring broader liquidity for in-game NFTs. Splinterlands and Axie Infinity are two of the best NFT games being explored by guilds.

The Best Gaming Guilds

Balthazar’s lending platform allows lenders to gift in-game NFTs and receive NFTs representing the ownership contract. In addition, lenders can track in-game earnings through a dashboard and automate payments, delegation, claims, and account creation.

The platform has over 1,500 scholars active, with over 50,000 waiting. Additionally, Balthazar has a report division attracting partners to diversify its approach further.

How Can One Join A Guild?

Knowing gaming guilds for play-to-earn game projects is one thing, but joining one is another. The easiest way to do it is by establishing direct communication with the guild of choice. That involves using social channels and becoming active in the community. Most guilds have a waitlist for people to become registered. However, it can take a while to apply and become a candidate.

The impact of UNIX scholarships cannot be underestimated either. Play-to-earn blockchain gaming can strongly impact people’s lives, depending on their situation. Some people enjoy having fun in these NFT games, with rewards being a bonus. Also, earnings are a lifeline to make ends meet. And UNIX Gaming has introduced its spin on Play to earn scholarships to stand out from other gaming guilds.

How Can One Join A Guild?

Play-to-earn guilds have a social responsibility to raise the bar. It is not only about playing games to earn in-game assets; gaming guilds also allow players to come together and understand how NFT games work.

Gaining More Through Guilds

While gaming guilds make play-to-earn games more accessible, they also benefit players in other ways. For example, scholars can make real money from this method, even if it is to split their in-game earnings with the original NFT holder and the guild. Depending on the NFT game one plays, one can earn up to $100 a day by playing NFT play-to-earn games. 

Many scholars are playing NFT games to make money without an upfront investment. Although unfortunately, though, there are free NFT games to play; scholars choose to participate in some of the top NFT games with investment options because they know they are more lucrative.

If those guilds can provide the tremendous benefits one needs to succeed in the game and life, they may become one of the best in the NFT game industry. The numbers look suitable for players, and now is the time to add rewards, benefits, and incentives to the equation.

Benefits and Commitment

It’s essential to have expectations for some gaming guilds. While it helps players to make money easily with play-to-earn games, players still need to commit more time and effort. There is no freebie in the crypto industry, and if players do not meet the guild’s expectations, their scholarships will be revoked relatively soon. Therefore, a guild is not the best choice if one isn’t ready to commit more hours of playtime daily.


Gaming guilds provide scholars with a way to earn money playing NFT games without making an upfront payment. It’s indeed the best way to make money for free. 

For players ready to make that commitment, gaming guilds provide numerous benefits. Financially and in training and meeting other scholars or independent players. It is also a significant development for the play-to-earn gaming industry as more people experience new and exciting games.